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With the pasion and good will for the American Art Glass future, Glass Mountain has collaberated with top and oldest Glass Companies such as Fenton Glass, Blenko, Osturn Modern Glass and more. With years efforts to maintain and to further develop the mutural beneficial relationships with these art marsters, Glass Mountain carries different collections of each of these companies, and developes different selling designs for them.

Fenton is one of the oldest continuing glass company since Frank L. Fenton and John Fenton first produced their first items on January 2, 1907. Glass Mountain carries most of its famous collections. These collections invaluably reflects the glass making technique improvements and also the histroy of American Glass Arts.

Glass Mountain presents Blenko, carries its products, and became a very close business partners in designs and production. Glass Mountain is one of its authorized dealers.

Blenko Glass originally from Britan moved to America in late 19th century. Since then they have found a way to design, produce and market their products in America becoming an Icon in American Art Glass movement that continues to amaze and age like a fine wine.

Artist Kristoff Kamrath -- A multi-media artist from the central coast of California. He gained a Bachelor of Fine Arts in spatial arts at San Jose State University with an emphasis in glass. he studied with glass masters: Mary White, Jeff Sermiento, Amy Rueffert, Cassandra Straubing, and Jay MacDonnell. His design pieces were published in many magazines and were shown at Transienthymem in greater San Francisco Bay Area. Kristoff's design pieces: Dinosaur Sculptures, Glass Pods, Citurno, Frede Schoden, Tornado Vases.

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