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Glass Mountain

Glass Mountain has devoted itself to advocate, promote and develop American Glass Arts for five years.We make the knowledge of glass arts history, techniques, and trends available to our clients and communities. By our service, our clients enjoy the culture of American Glass Arts, Experience hands-on art designs.

We work with Fenton Glass Art, Blenko, and other glass producers. As a local art support in Berkeley, California, we support our art community and local artist: We constantly host art show events to promote and show the glass art.


About Founder

Hello, Welcome to Glass Mountain. My name is Tony Weiden and as you might imagine, I have a lifelong passion for glass, especially the stunning art pieces that have been created here in America for generations.

Growing up in West Virginian I have had the opportunity to see many of the great American glassmakers first hand. Over the years I have both designed custom pieces with such classic makers as Blenko and have been deeply dedicated to preserving the American Glass Art Industry by offering both the latest designs and stunning traditional pieces from the past. I am  here for all my clients to educate and share my knowledge about this fine American tradition.

I came to glass after twenty years in the Antiques and Collectibles business.  I guess you could say I love history both its stories and how it continues to  beautify  and enrich our lives.
Always know that at Glass Mountain we are here to help you find exactly what your looking for and to answer all your questions. We are a local gallery, dedicated to spreading the word at a national and international level so that this beautiful American tradition will be enjoyed for generations to come.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to seeing you real soon at Glass Mountain.

Best Regards,
Tony Weiden, Founder
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