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2009 Jan 28th-- Glass Mountain New Website Announcement

Berkeley, California – Wednesday, January 28th, 2009 - Glass Mountain, the American glass arts designer and advocate, today announced its website: www.glassmountain.biz  Tony Weiden, the owner of Glass Mountain, comments, “ We have devoted ourselves to American glass arts for more than six years. Now, the new website extends our efforts to play an active role in connecting people among the glass art community, and in acknowledging American glass arts history and techniques to people who love them.”

When we saw fewer and fewer successors passing the extraordinary American Glass Movement from one generation to another, we think it is our responsibility to thrive the beautiful arts. We designed new glass pieces and created unique techniques. At the same time we helped glass artists and technique masters to find a place to show their works to the world. Our website demonstrates a rich knowledge of glass and wonderful story about the American glass culture and, therefore, brings glass art lovers close to the glass art world. 

We have received more and more positive responses from our customers and our partners in the glass arts. It highly encourages us to contribute more efforts to the American Glass Arts.

Thanks for your interest in Glass Mountain and helping us to promote and support American Glass Arts to future generations!

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