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Fenton USA

Fenton USA




Feton Collections:

  • 2006: connoisseur, Carnival, Paradise
  • 2007:Horizons, Connoisseur, Carnival
  • Fenton is one of the oldest glass company in the early 19 century. Since Fenton first produced its items on January 2, 1907 in Williamstown, West Virginia, Frank Leslie Fenton, at age of 25, and his two of his brothers formed the Fenton Art Glass Company. Within a short period. Gone through almost one hundred years, todya, Fenton Art Glass continues to be family-owned and managed, as members of the third and fourth generations hold key positions at its plant near the Ohio River in Williamstown, Wet Virginia. These family members share a passion for glass and , in concert with the sills of many talented employees, look forward to the challenges of glass making in the future.

    The talents and dedication of all of Fenton fellows marked the start of the traditions of excellence that are now so firmly associated with Fenton glass. During the developing designs, all of artisans at Fenton Art Glass paused to reflect up the efforts of those who began this enterprise as well as those who have sustained and nurtured it over the years.


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